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One of the new features in Grand Theft Auto V is the addition of the stock market. It works just like the stock markets do in real life with the goal being to buy low and sell high, with one exception, you can influence the price of the stock prices. Throughout the game you given assassination missions which will have you kill important people for various companies in order to drop their stock price while their competitors stock price sky rocket.

Story Mission Stock Investments

Throughout the game Franklin is given the opportunity to assassinate various people who play big roles at their respective companies which will cause their competitors stock price to increase dramatically. Lester almost always tells Franklin about which stocks will be affected but knowing ahead of time can be beneficial as you will want to purchase stock on all 3 characters for the maximum profit. If you forget to purchase stock on all of your characters before the mission starts then you’ll want to fail the mission and quit it so you can purchase the stocks on all your characters.

For maximum profit save the last 5 of these missions until you are done with the main story; you should be able to have a maximum of $35 million which you can then invest and make over $1.5 billion.

Mission Stock Suggestions
Hotel Assassination Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
The Multi Target Assassination Debonaire Cigarettes (LCN)
The Vice Assassination Fruit* (BAWSAQ)
The Bus Assassination Vapid (BAWSAQ) – Buy afterwards
The Construction Assassination Gold Coast (LCN)
The Big Score Gold Coast (LCN)

*You will want to hold onto Fruit as it’s price doesn’t start increasing until after The Bus Assassination.

LCN Corporate Rivals

Going off of the same idea as the Lester – Franklin missions, if one company were to have assets destroyed then their stocks would decrease while their competitors would increase. For example if you owned stock in Raine and went around blowing up ECola trucks your stock in Raine would increase. Once the stock prices have increased you’ll want to sell off your stock, rinse, and repeat. 

Company A Company B
CoolBeans BeanMachine
Burgershot Up-An-Atom
CluckingBell TacoBomb
FlyUS AirEmu
GoPostal PostOP
Bilkington DollarPills
Pisswasser Logger
MazeBank BankOfLiberty
Redwood Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter Bullhead
RadioLosSantos WorldwideFM
ECola Raine

Side Missions

When you complete side missions occasionally the person you are helping will offer valuable stock advice if you complete the mission. For example while I was driving a business man to the airport he informed me to invest in Tinkle because the price would be rising. Not sure if this was good advice or not I dumped $200k into Tinkle and a few missions later I saw a 30% increase in their stock. There is no real guarantee that you’ll get stock advice from someone during a side mission but it certainly makes me want to do side missions more now.

Reliable Stocks

There are some stocks that spike up and down quite reliably so investing in them while they are low and selling when the price spikes up can be an easy source of income.

Company Name Stock Ticker
TacoBomb  TBO
Fleeca  FLC
BankOfLiberty  BOL
MazeBank  MAZ

Insurance Fraud

If you invest into AUG – Augery Insurance; then go around damaging and destroying cars it should increase the stock value up.

LCN Stock Market

The prices of LCN stocks are influenced by what happens in Los Santos during single player gameplay.

Company Name Stock Ticker
AnimalArk ARK
AuguryInsurance AUG
CoolBeans BAN
BeanMachine BEN
BurgerShot BGR
Bilkinton BIL
BankOfLiberty BOL
BobMulet BOM
Bullhead BUL
CluckinBell CLK
Debonaire DEB
DollarPills DOP
AirEmu EMU
Fleeca FLC
GastroBand GAS
GoldCoast GCD
GoPostal GOP
GrupperSechs GRU
Hammerstein&Faust HAF
Hijak HJK
Krapea KRP
Lifeinvader LFI
Logger LOG
MaxRenda MAX
MazeBank MAZ
Merryweather MER
MorsMutualInsurance MOR
ProLaps PRO
Raine RAI
RichardsMajestic RIM
RadioLosSantos RLS
Redwood RWC
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter SSS
TacoBomb TBO
VanillaUnicorn UNI
Up-n-Atom UPA
Vangelico VAG
WorldwideFM WFM

 BAWSAQ Stock Market

Company Name Stock Ticker
Ammu-Nation AMU
Badger BDG
Betta Pharmaceuticals BET
Binco BIN
BitterSweet BTR
Bleeter BLE
Brute BRU
Crevis CRE
Daily Globe DGP
Dept. Water and Power WAP
Eyefind EYE
Façade FAC
Fruit FRT
Grain Of Truth GOT
Hawk And Little HAL
HVY Industries HVY
Los Santos Customs LSC
Maibatsu MAI
Pißwasser PIS
Ponsonbys PON
Pump n Run PMP
Ron Oil RON
Schyster SHT
Shark SHK
Shrewsbury SHR
Sprunk SPU
Suburban SUB
Tinkle TNK
Ubermacht UMA
Vapid VAP
Vom Feuer VOM
Weazel WZL
Whiz WIZ

How are you making money from the stock market? Let us know in the comments.

26 comments on “Grand Theft Auto V – Stock Market Tips

  1. gtaplayer

    I have been wundering about something. In the article you write “If you invest into AUG – Augery Insurance; then go around damaging and destroying cars it should increase the stock value up”.

    But in real life the insurance company’s stocks would decrease, if a lot of cars were damaged, because then they had to insure the losses right?

    Otherwise great article!

    • I’m currently still working on beating the game so I haven’t had time to test all of these. I found out about the insurance company stock from a message board post which others seem to agree works. If it does drive the stock prices down then you’d essentially do this in reverse. You’d destroy a bunch of cars, buy AUG and then wait for the stock prices to go back up.

      The same is true for the reliable stocks. Those seem to fluctuate ever so slightly and you may have to invest a lot of money in them while they are low to make any real income when they raise back up. Thanks for your comment!

    • Tommy

      hey, just wondering, how many trucks and people do I have to dispose of for a competitors stock to rise? I tried takin out cluckinbell trucks (about 20) & cluckinbell workers (about 10) and had invested in Tacobomb beforehand but my stocks didn’t budge afterwards. Am I missing something? Thanks

      • You have to destroy quite a few for the prices to go anywhere and it’s not really guaranteed. Once there are more online components you may want to coordinate with friends to try to manipulate the prices in that way.

  2. Austin

    I knew the majority of this, but seeing it like this has helped me think of it more clearly. Thanks a lot, and I’ll definitely have to go with what Anferney suggested on my second playthrough.

  3. BigRob

    Thanks for the great tips! I have seen the FlyUS trick work personally. I just wanted to throw out some knowledge I’ve gained.

    1. You can rob Ammu-nation. Here’s how: Stand at the front door and shoot it open then shoot the clerk before he can shoot you, then shoot the registers (get both) then get ghost! Usually about $650. Not bad for 20 secs of work!

    2. I have read a lot of these and the one thing that seems consistent is that unless you have BIG $ the stock market is not going to pay off. However it’s a great savings account. I take all my money and put in a stock that I know will stay consistent i.e. Ammu-nation. This way you get free benefits, healthcare, cab rides and you never have to worry about needing $ if you have to buy something just a few shares and you’re good to go!

    Thanks again for all the great advice and hope mine helped!

  4. Ooffaahh

    I bought 1 share of Raine at 250.11 and blew up 2 eCola trucks and evaded cops which all in all took about 10 minutes real time. The stock went up 0.03. So if I invested $1mil I can buy 4,000 shares and make a whopping $120.- I’m going to stick to blowing up GruppeSechs and walking away with 6,000 bucks for 20sec of work

  5. Matt Devine

    For the Multi-Target Assassination mission it is better to invest in Redwood. Even though this is the company that drops initially as a result of the killings, after a few days the stock increases to a 300% profit.

  6. Ya when I did a random event thing where a guys bike was stolen I returned it and got an email a few days later sayin thanks and he have me 100k worth of stocks in a company he owns. Animal ark

    • Tommy

      The only time you should really be doing any stock buying and selling is when you are doing Franklin’s Assassinations, forget all the other shit, its just a waste of time. Make sure to leave Franklins assassination missions until after you have done The Final Big Heist and if you choose the lowest grade crew members for the job, they will take fuck all of a cut, which means you can end up with a take of about 35-40 million for each of your 3 characters. Use that money to invest in the stock market. To invest your money in the stocks, pull out your characters cell phone, tap down to internet icon then once the main webpage comes up, click on the Money and Services tab. There are 2 stock exchanges to buy and sell from. LCN-Exchange & Bawsaq-Exchange. Click into LCN-Exchange or Bawsaq exchange and once your inside the webpage, click on the Markets tab as this is where you will purchase your stocks. Choose the Bawsaw tab and scroll down the list of stocks. First purchase should be BetaPharmaceuticals stocks. Click on BetaPharmaceuticals and it will give you the BetaPharmaceuticals page. On the right of the page there is a buy button. Below the buy button shows you the high and low prices. Click the buy button and Buy the stock when it has a red down arrow and sell when its green. Click on the little + sign and buy up the stock. Holding down the + button will buy stocks quicker. Once done, hit the continue button. Now do the same for the other 2 characters and buy the stock for them aswell.

      Once stocks are bought for all 3 characters do the assassination mission. Now that the assassination is over, check your cell phone and back into the Bawsaq page.

      Make sure you have 2 saves of your game saved at the same time of game. I will explain this further down……

      Click on the My Portfolio tab, this is where you can sell your stocks. Don’t sell straight away though as the stocks rise gradually. Switch back and forth between the 3 characters and take note of the “Return Percentage” Tab every time you switch. Save every time using the 2 save games I told you about earlier. This tells you how much the stocks have increased. Keep switching characters and checking the stock to see how much it rises. The stocks will drop after awhile though so keep an eye on it and if you notice that the stock dropped in price then use the other of your save files and this is when you sell all of your bought stock.

      All of Franklins Assassination missions left untouched (Aside from the first one which is mandatory)

      Step 1: Invest in Debonaire before the mission. After the mission sell all of Debonaire when reaches maximum profit and then INVEST in Redwood!!!! My Return= 200%

      Step 2: Invest in Fruit shares before the mission and cashout afterwards! My Return= 30%

      Step 3: Invest in Vapid AFTER you complete the mission. Cash out when you made your cut! My Return= 100%

      Step 4: Invest in Gold Coast Development before the mission and pullout afterwards! My Return= 80%

      Step 5: Trigger the Hitch Lift 1 random event (Location: Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon) and complete the event. He will then give you a stock tip about the company “Tinkle”, invest for Return = 30%

      After completing all of Franklins assassination Missions, you should have in the average of between 180 Million – 220 million for each character.

      Hope this helps….Peace

  7. G

    Hey Guys, hope this might help you. I finished the story mode and with the money I had left from the final heist I bout stock for Whiz (WIZ). It was at a -400%. I was aiming for a lucky shot and it worked! After a couple of days the stock had no increase in value. Later a $1 profit appeared. A day after that surprise, a $389Mill per character appeared. I only invested around $12mill from the last heist. I am guessing if this works again and you invest the entire amount you can make lots more! Hope this works for someone out there. Good luck!

  8. wilson14

    Im sure that the lcn stockmarket cannot be manipulated at all by blowing up trucks or planes to make the opposing stock rise. And it it does work for anyone it just coincidental. The stockmarket just moves randomly I think. The only way that it has seemed to work for me is from lesters assassination missions and by of missalanious side missions that occur?? Maybe im wrong but ive clocked the game twice now and nothing else has worked for me.

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